3DMediTech forging new frontiers in Australian advanced manufacturing

3DMEDiTech is globally recognised for its speed in the development and production of personalised medical devices that can be manufactured at scale through advanced 3D printing.  

It has deployed this unique capacity to play a key role in countering critical medical supply shortages during the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic.

3DMEDiTech has been approached by Governments around the world to assist with providing Covid-19 testing kits to meet increasing demand and need. 

The company is now supplying 10% of Australia's testing kit requirements to the Australian Government and preparing for roll out of antigen and saliva swab testing kits in collaboration with its research partners. 

3DMEDiTech has also applied its rapid capacity advanced manufacturing technology to the supply of ventilator parts, masks and other personalised clinical devices. 

SMC Strategies has assisted the company to tell its story of Australian innovation through a diverse range of channels and works closely to advise on the next steps to progress 3D MediTech's role in revolutionising Australia's advanced manufacturing industry capability.

Key Roles

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