great infrastructure projects have community at their heart

Updated: May 23, 2018

Big infrastructure projects are, by nature, complex. Aside from the obvious challenges of cost, design and engineering, navigating the diverse interests of a multiplicity of stakeholders can see governments and project leaders fast losing focus on the primary reason they are building in the first place.

Yet there is one criteria by which the success of infrastructure projects, be they sporting stadia or railway stations, will over time be judged - how well do they serve community?

Increasingly, this also means not just how well they serve one particular community use but whether the potential to build-in capacity for multiple future uses has been fully realised.

How well have the project leaders been able to look beyond present imperatives to envision future needs and possibilities?

At SMC Strategies, we encourage clients to consider infrastructure projects as, in their most essential essence, a partnership with community. Through this prism, we seek to reveal concealed value in projects and identify project elements that will drive high levels of investment, community use and activation.

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