Wonthaggi - Re-imagining a Regional Centre

Bass Coast Shire Council have embarked on a journey to transform Wonthaggi in Victoria. SMC Strategies is working with Council and community to reinvigorate the Town's identity and position Wonthaggi for a bright future

Wonthaggi, at the heart of the Bass Coast and Southern Gippsland in Victoria, has a rich history and a deeply connected community.

Positioning Wonthaggi for Growth and Investment

Born as a model Town in 1910 to house workers mining coal for the State's railways, Wonthaggi has since grown into a vital hub for southern Gippsland. With a vibrant arts and sporting community, innovative new businesses and recent investment in new school and hospital infrastructure, Wonthaggi is poised to realise its full potential as a major peri-urban centre.

Our team is working in close collaboration with Council and community to bring Wonthaggi's enormous capacity as a regional centre to life. The journey includes helping to develop the Town's identity and tell its compelling story a way that will attract visitors and residents, build new business confidence and engage Governments in critical investment in the Town's future.

Key Roles

  • Advisory

  • Storytelling

  • Advocacy

  • Investment

  • Community